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Riptide Racing is one of the top teams from the United States on the world match racing circuit today. The team is based in Oyster Bay New York with one simple goal. Win the World Match Race Tour.


The World Tour is made up of events all around the world that create one of the toughest circuits in professional sailing. The best sailors in the world have all competed on the tour to cut and sharpen their teeth for the Americas Cup, and we plan to do the same.  

The team was formed in 2012 by skipper Chris Poole after finishing college at Maine Maritime Academy. And following an amazing first year on the U.S. match racing circuit climbing all the way to 4th in the country, the team committed  fully to the world of match racing. The game of match racing to Riptide is the ultimate test of a team in the sport of sailing. There is no room for error unlike other types of sailing were you can get away with an ok or bad race. In match racing there can be no mistakes as it is win or lose in every race, there is no second place. Couple that with the boat's being equally matched and not adjustable, it all comes down to the sailors ability and ability to work as a team that will get you the win.

This intense pressure is what has propelled Riptide to the top of the U.S. sailing scene. Now entering our 6th season in the match racing game we look towards continuing to compete on the world circuit. And in doing so hopefully catch the eyes of new 36th America's Cup campaigns.



7th - October World Match Race Rankings


2nd - 2019 U.S. Grand Slam Series


3rd - Thompson Cup

4th - Oakcliff International

2nd- Detroit Cup

1st - Chicago Grand Slam

6th - Argo Group Gold Cup

6th - Congressional Cup

2nd- Grade 2 Ficker Cup


1st- 2014, 2017  

Seawanhaka Cup

2nd Overall- 2017, 2018, 2019 U.S. Grand Slam Series

1st- 2016 New York Yacht Club Annual Regatta Presented By Rolex- M32 Class

3rd- 2016 M32 Series Bermuda


1st- 2017, 2015, 2013, 2012 Oakcliff Halloween Invitational

2nd- 2014 Detroit Cup

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