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As of today myself and Riptide Racing have decided to take Charlie Enright up on his charter offer for the 2nd event of the M32 Series Bermuda. This is a huge leap for us as a team since this will be our first official race event in the M32 Class. After seeing the photos and footage from the last event it appears the racing conditions will be second to none and the competition will be some of the best in the world.


Of course now that we have committed to doing this event we need to do a little fundraising to get the most out of our trip to Bermuda. One of the objectives of this trip is to get all team members licensed to sail the M32 on the 2016 WMRT. As I mentioned in the last blog the WMRT has decided every event will be sailed using identical M32's, this shift will mean teams are sailing more fragile boats than the old monohull's of the past and at significantly higher speeds. Now this may not seem like a big deal, but any collision is likely to be much more costly so they are requiring all sailors at tour events to be licensed saying they have sailed the M32 before. 


Quite a bit on as the clock ticks down towards the M32 Series Bermuda so stay tuned.


THANK YOU to all of our supporters who have believed in Riptide Racing and stood behind us 100%. We still have a long way to go, but we couldn’t have gotten this far without support, for which we’re forever grateful.  What we have showed is just part of Riptide Racing’s potential –with the necessary tools, we have the capacity to go all the way.


Thank you,
Chris Poole

Riptide Racing

Riptide Racing Joins The M32 Series

September 25th, 2017

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