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The M32 Series

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

Ever since our first experience on the M32 in Chicago during the M32 Youth Academy back in August, Riptide Racing has wanted to get back out on an M32. And with the M32 already having a great following in the M32 Series (fleet racing) we thought this would be a great place to get practice. But without a full sponsor and our own boat to use we began looking at chartering a boat over the winter to build experience ahead of the 2016 World Match Race Tour.

It wasn't until December that Charlie Enright of Team Alvimedica (now 55 South) reached out to myself and Riptide to offer us a chance to get back on the M32 in Bermuda. It was an awesome opportunity to get more time on these amazing boats and prepare for the World Tour, as well to sail on the same waters as the future Americas Cup. But there were quite a few hurdles would need to get over before we could think about getting out on the water. I decided to take the holidays to think everything over and look at all the challenges ahead of us to make this Bermuda M32 event happen.

Stay Tuned in 2016 and have a great 2015 Holiday Season.



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